Lakeland Electric Electric Utility Academy Intern - LE ED Line Crews in Lakeland, Florida

This is a student internship position specifically for high potential, high performing students from the Lakeland Electric Power Academy and Lakeland Electric Energy Academy programs. Positions will be allocated in the utility to prepare future workers where identified need exists and skills and student goals match. Work is evaluated for overall effectiveness and adherence to safe workplace practices.

This position will serve as support for the Energy Delivery Operations/ Transmission & Distribution Crews for Lakeland Electric. Location is the T&D; Building on Parker Street. Example of Duties: 1. Performs basic level skills as required in the designated position.

  1. Participates in skills training as appropriate.
  2. Must demonstrate behaviors of commitment, trustworthiness, dependability, strong work ethic and excellent customer relations.


  1. Performs related work as required.
  2. Depending on the position, may be required to sweep floors, use hand tools, mow lawns, organize inventory, file, answer phones, perform housekeeping duties, and other entry level functions.
  3. Work 29 hrs a week, Monday through Friday as scheduled.


None Qualifications: 1. Successful performance as a student of Lakeland Electric's Power Academy or Energy Academy. 2. Recommendation of the Lakeland Electric Academy instructor and the City's School-to-Work Specialist. 3. Preference will be given to students who have successfully completed job shadowing at Lakeland Electric and have the recommendation of the Lakeland Electric employee familiar with the student through the shadowing program.


  1. Must maintain City driving privileges/valid Florida driver's license.
  2. Must maintain a valid contact phone number.
  3. May be required to attend meetings at locations other than primary work location.
  4. Must be able to work extended hours as necessary to provide operational effectiveness. Supplemental Information:
  5. Knowledge of the utility industry, including safety practices, terminology, equipment and customer service expectations.
  6. Ability to build successful working relationships with employees at all levels of the organization.
  7. Ability to follow instructions
  8. Ability to learn utility-specific skills based on position assignment
  9. Ability to perform physically demanding work (in some positions)
  10. Ability to properly use hand tools or office equipment appropriate for the position.

Job Title: Electric Utility Academy Intern - LE ED Line Crews

Salary: $10.00 Hourly

Job Type: Part Time Temporary

Location: City of Lakeland, Civil Service, 500 N. Lake Parker Avenue, Lakeland, Florida

Department: ED-Operations-OH Crews_1 2017310000